Patient Testimonials

"We have been patients of Dr. Malaney for nearly 15 years and have consistently received a high level of  care and consideration.  Her office and her staff are always bright, cheerful, thoughtful, and thorough.  In particular, we have grown extremely fond of Priscilla Phan.  She has demonstrated care and professionalism beyond her years."
-Brandon and Dorothy Shreve

"Dr. Malaney fixed my botox after seeing another doctor.  I was very happy with my results.  Now I am back to see her again because I am so happy with my results!"
 "I appreciate you working with me always and being available for me whenever I have needed medical attention."
"I wanted to stop taking my blood pressure medication.  Dr. Malaney told me to lose weight.  She said slow and steady is best. She said if I need to cheat now and then, go for it.  She has been managing my weight loss for over a year now, and I have lost over 50 pounds.  We no longer say the word "diet."  We now say "lifestyle change."  She helped me with ways to prepare and cook the foods I always loved and it has been amazing.  Dr. Malaney ROCKS!!!"
-Carol Buckhannon
"I have been seeing Dr. Malaney for many years and have always been taken care of with genuine interest and care. For me, Dr. Malaney and her staff are exceptional. They all care so much about their patients and always go out of their way to make sure that office visits are thorough but fast. I also like the convenience of purchasing medications here instead of having to go to a pharmacy."

-Laura McLellan


"Personal service and personal touch are unmatched with Dr. Kathy Malaney. She has a 360 degree approach to personal health and well-being. Through this methodology, she finds the perfect treatments and solutions to fit your needs and maximize your personal benefits. I would not hesitate to recommend her to anyone!"

-Joe C.

"Dr. Malaney is a part of our family. We have known her from the beginning and trust her to no end. She has literally saved two of our lives! We are forever indebted to her. Our relationship goes beyond Dr. /patient. And Priscilla and Ethan are wonderful, caring, and personable! Love, love, love them- I hope they never leave" J

-Kelley Bozeman


"Dr. Malaney is great! She is very attentive to my needs. The staff is very helpful and knowledgeable. I love their clubs; I am a member of them all!"

John W.


"One thing when you have an appointment, they see you right away and treat you like gold. Here everybody is very nice. I look forward to coming to see the doctor. This is a great place and you need to come by and check it out because you’ll come back again."

-James W.


"Dr. Malaney and her staff always make my visits a quick and comfortable experience."